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Boehringer Ingelheim - FDM & Data Supplier Migration

The Issue

Recently, Boehringer opted to move to a different data supplier - a complex task requiring knowledge of both the pharmaceutical industry and the structure of the data provided by the major data suppliers. Fusion Integration was brought in to perform the data migration and to create a two-way interface for the new data supply.

The Solution

Fusion Integration worked with our Business Intelligence and Information Systems teams to increase understanding of the differences between the structure of the data provided by both our suppliers. This enabled the Fusion-Boehringer project team to perform a match between the two data sets, to remove any references or data owned by the previous data supplier, and to perform a general database cleansing operation. The existing FDM interface was modified to process the new data structure and incorporate any new data processing rules provided by the business or the new data supplier.

Working with Fusion Integration

"Fusion has become our number one choice when we need external expertise. Their detailed understanding, technical knowledge and friendly, professional attitude separates them from other companies, which is why we consulted them when we decided to change our data supplier and were looking for a new data management interface. Their solution, Fusion Data Manager (FDM), provided a stable, yet powerful, customisable interface between our CRM system and data supplier. The implementation was on time, without issue and requires very little maintenance - just some of the things we have come to expect from Fusion."

- Irven Dhanoa, IS Business Support Analyst, Boehringer Ingelheim


"When a pharma company decides to change their CRM/ETMS system or customer data supplier, they are likely to require external expert assistance to help with the migration. There are several companies that tick some of the boxes, but Fusion tick all of the boxes.

As well as having a detailed understanding of pharma systems and customer data, they provide an excellent suite of tools that allow almost seamless data migration and system set up. Amongst these tools is Fusion Assignment Builder (FAB), which provides a 'sandbox' environment for creating and testing territory, customer and account assignments before being actioned within the CRM/ETMS system. FAB allows the administrator to prepare, tweak and finalise the allocation of customers and accounts within the system before applying the optimised results to the CRM/ETMS users. This is a very efficient process and saves lots of time and effort, delivering a customised and optimally sized database to the end user. Ongoing territory changes and even a complete territory reorganisation can be done quickly and efficiently using FAB."
Boehringer Ingleheim
George Davey, Commercial Trade Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim

Case study

"Fusion Integration have been able to develop a smooth interface between Binleys and Siebel that provides us with a robust database of our customers at all times."   Read full case study…

Boehringer Ingleheim